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Planning 2018

January 5, 2018

Disclaimer: I am that girl with her entire life written down in her planner. 

With 2018 finally here I cannot wait to start planning everything out to make this yet another memorable year! For 2018 I am using the Day Designer planner and absolutely love it.

The Basics

So much of being organized and planning out your year is based on finding the perfect planner for you. Probably the best place to begin is with the question, digital or paper? Personally, I will never be able to move away from paper. I like to see both all the appoints for the day, make a to-do list, and a few other things that I’ll touch on later. The only benefit I can think of with digital is that it syncs to your smart phone. Oh, and that Google calendar is free.

The next decision I recommend making is deciding whether you want a day, week, month or year view. I like planners that show each day as its own page but also have all the other overviews. I think this helps keep me focused on what is important that very day without stressing too much about what is coming up ahead.

Color Coding

Digital or paper, color coding is a must! It helps prioritize tasks and draw your attention to major events/projects coming up. Try using a color for each of the follow: appointments/meetings, class, work, and what is due (I note this in RED!). Obviously nothing you write in your planner is “optional” but this system helps me to know what is the most pressing for that day or week.

Stickers and Graphics

Aside from color coding, I did go through a sticker phase. They came in one of my planners a few years ago and I did use them for a bit. Colors and graphics add a bit of fun into your planner and liven it up. I also use heart stickers each month to remind myself which day to give Brie her heart worm pill. Using a specific sticker for a specific task can help it stand out among your other writing.

What are your planner organization tips? Let me know in the comment down below and best of luck planning your 2018!!

xx, Anne