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June 2, 2017

I’m on my phone an embarrassing amount of time every day and I like to think that I’m at least being somewhat responsible and productive. The apps below make me feel a little less guilty about my phone habits and really do make everyday life easier.


As bad as this may sound I hate calling and making appointments for anything, especially when I’m in class or at an internship from 9-5. Whittl is an online reservation system for salons, massages, manicuresĀ and more. Basically you put in your location, select the service you are looking for, and a ton of options just pop up! You can book through the app and payment is taken from your credit card. I found my favorite Chicago salon, Salon 9nb, using this app.


Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but apparently Netflix actually lets you download shows on your phone to watch later (without using data!). My morning commute on the train has never been more stress free. I’mĀ almost finished with the Narcos series, so please leave suggestions below!

Sleep Cycle

I originally got this app for the white noise while I sleep but then realized it does so much more than just that. This app tracks your sleep patterns every night and then supplies suggestions for how to improve sleep. Things like weather, caffeine consumption and exercise for the day are all taken into consideration. Sleep Cycle even works as an alarm in the morning waking you up during your lightest sleep. This means you’re probably going to be less grumpy!


My Chi Parks

I don’t know if other major cities have an app similar to this (let me know!), but it’s a godsend if you’re looking for something free to do. My Chi Parks gives a daily schedule, and upcoming few weeks, of all free events happening in parks around the city. This includes movie nights, live music and more.



Turns out picking good wine requires more effort than simply picking based on packaging. Someone in Whole Foods actually suggested this app to me out of frustration for my game of 20 questions. Basically you scan in bottles of wine you have liked in the past and set a price point, and the app pulls up a list of wines just for you! It’s essentially having a mini sommelier in your pocket.

xx, Anne


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    June 4, 2017

    I’m definitely going to check out My Chi Parks! I’m always looking for things to do! XO

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      June 19, 2017

      If you’re in Chicago try checking out Chicago Festival Finder! It has every music, food, and random festival all in one place. Hope that helps!!