Anne Miller

My name is Anne Miller and welcome to my blog, where I share my love of everything from fashion and beauty to DIYs and cooking.
Growing up in San Francisco I was always searching for a creative outlet. This led to my first “blog” (actually a Tumblr) called Paper Dress back in 2010. After about 3 years I started to wonder about creating my own blog content, not simply reblogging high fashion photos. I wanted my blog to truly reflect myself and all my interests, not just a niche. This led me to sign up for blogger and write about anything and everything that came to mind. I wasn’t really comfortable with this new blog though. While it was my own voice, it was an anonymous blog. I still didn’t feel like I was being genuine through it or creating all the content I wanted.

My sophomore year of college I started up my blog yet again on Word Press. This time I knew the only way I would be happy with the platform would be if I produced every aspect of the content. Many hours of html coding, photo editing, YouTube videos and general guidance later, I created My blog is finally a place where I share authentic posts, my own photography and have complete creative freedom.

xx, Anne